A Healthy Conversation–Do You Really Need Supplements?

Let’s Talk About The 4 Basic Supplements You Really Do Need

DONNA:                     Hey there welcome to A Healthy Conversation. Welcome to Healthy Conversation.


JOHN:                         Thank you.


DONNA:                     So last week, well actually for the last couple episodes, we’ve been talking about the power of why. And I get a little bit of ribbing, he’s been nice to me on camera actually, because I get a little bit of ribbing about the questions that I ask; probably because they’re incessant.


JOHN:                         Never stop.


DONNA:                     I told him, I said, “Maybe I never left my toddler stage.” You know when the five-year-old says, “Why?” and you tell them and they say, “Why?” and you tell them and they say, “Why?” We really believe all joking aside, that why is a pretty important question.


JOHN:                         It is.


DONNA:                     When it comes to your health. So, we promised that we would talk about the four basic supplements you need; and I’m going to use the word need because these are the supplements that do help, you do want them as part of your life. There are four simple products, so you educate, and I’ll ask questions.


JOHN:                         Okay. As I joke with all my customers, everybody is like a deer in the headlights when they walk into a nutrition store. We have fifty feet of supplements. Where do you start? Well, I always say start with the basic, basic, simple things. The basic, basic, simple things are a high potency multi-vitamin – our UltraLife 121.


DONNA:                     How do we know a vitamin is high potency? Because people go to Wal-Mart and CVS and whatever and get vitamins.


JOHN:                         Once again, everything that we take out there in the mass market is geared to that RDA standard, Recommended Daily Allowance standard. That’s the minimum standard that you need just to keep you from getting sick.


DONNA:                     Now when you say mass market, just so these guys know —


JOHN:                         Wal-Mart and K-Mart and Rite Aid and those places.


DONNA:                     So, it’s got this RDA thing on there so you’re looking at a bottle of vitamins thinking this is great it’s got 100%.


JOHN:                         It says 100%.


DONNA:                     100%, right.


JOHN:                         But that’s just enough to keep you from dying, that’s the standard.


DONNA:                     Yeah, no good.


JOHN:                         Exactly. I’ll give you an example; our multi-vitamin, UltraLife 121—I designed it—121 mg of B complex. B vitamins good for your central nervous system, they feed your brain, they’re good for cognitive thinking, they give you a lot of energy.


DONNA:                     Which is the highest B complex on the market in a multi-vitamin.


JOHN:                         Exactly.


DONNA:                     On the planet. So high potency.


JOHN:                         121 mg against 2 that’s found in a Centrum or Centrum Silver.


DONNA:                     Enough said, okay.


JOHN:                         Second one; Fish Oil or Flax Oil. Why is that? Because those are anti-inflammatory fats and contrary to what we’ve heard about cholesterol being the bad guy, all the new research says it’s really the inflammatory process which is what we’re doing to ourselves from all the bad fats, all the trans fats, all the hydrogenated fats.


DONNA:                     Now I don’t know if you remember, but I asked you a long time ago, “What inflammation? How do you describe it?” Got a little exasperated with me, you said, “Ahhhh.” Inflammation in its simplest form, so that you can understand it, is something that doesn’t feel right in your body. It might be pain, it could be a burning sensation, it could be an irritation. But the thing we need to remember is that our bodies talk to us and if you’ve got any kind of discomfort, pain, burning sensation, whatever, even a little twitch of something, your body is talking to you saying something’s wrong. And I don’t know what percentage of the time but a very high percentage of the time that’s inflammation.


JOHN:                         Well, the inflammation that we have, there’s two different types; there chronic inflammation which is what we’re doing to our bodies on a daily basis because of the stuff we’re taking, all the bad fats. And there’s acute inflammation which is relatively good it’s how our body repairs itself.


DONNA:                     It can heal, yeah.


JOHN:                         From injury or infections. So, we just have to stay away from the things that make us very inflamed inside. Which one of the big things we can do is taking Fish Oil or Flax Oil because those are anti-inflammatory fats. So now we have the multi-vitamin, and we have the anti-inflammatory fats, the third one is Calcium and Magnesium and some Vitamin D.


DONNA:                     Okay.


JOHN:                         Okay. Most of us are lacking calcium, most of us are lacking magnesium. Now any time you take a calcium supplement —


DONNA:                     This is important, what he’s about to say.


JOHN:                         You always want to make sure that you take magnesium with it. Why is that? Because magnesium keeps the calcium mobile in your body. Otherwise, it can cake up; kidney stones all kinds of nasty things start happening. Now, it’s equally as important when you start taking Vitamin D which is actually the fourth thing. Now what we’ve been told that we need for Vitamin D is way under from what we really need. And the reason I can say that is because just about all physicians out there, when you go in for a physical, they’re testing for Vitamin D levels. Most of us need about four to five thousand units of Vitamin D3, that’s the natural source of Vitamin D, to really raise up our immunity, our infection fighting properties and also anti-cancer properties.


DONNA:                     So why for Vitamin D is raising the immune system, cancer fighting properties. I mean you’re giving some why now.


JOHN:                         Exactly.


DONNA:                     And let’s go back to calcium for just a second because I didn’t question. We all think bones, we know our bones get healthier with the calcium and magnesium. What else? Why should I take calcium?


JOHN:                         Well calcium is a very relaxing mineral as well as magnesium. Now magnesium also regulates the electrical impulses in your body so it’s very, very good to take it for your heart function because you have a lot of electricity in your heart.


DONNA:                     So, if we encapsulate these four supps; we’ve got a high potency multi-vitamin.


JOHN:                         Multi-vitamin.


DONNA:                     We’re a fan of ours because it’s got more B complex than any on the market.


JOHN:                         Exactly.


DONNA:                     You want Flax or Fish, right?


JOHN:                         Exactly.


DONNA:                     And that’s really going to be good for the inflammation that you feel in your system, that you experience in your system, and you feel would manifest its symptoms.


JOHN:                         Also, when you look at the way God designed our bodies, 60% of our brain is fat. And 60% of what our heart runs on for energy is good fat too.


DONNA:                     So, putting Flax or Fish, good for your brain, good for your heart.


JOHN:                         Exactly.


DONNA:                     D, good for your heart, good for anti-cancer, right?


JOHN:                         Immune system.


DONNA:                     And calcium good for the heart, good for the bones. So, you recommend these four –


JOHN:                         It’s also relaxing too.


DONNA:                     Relaxing. You’re look at me – He’s giving me a look like I need to relax or something.


JOHN:                         I think you need to relax.


DONNA:                     Okay, so really you guys got to see this. This is really how we dialog. I ask questions and I think, I don’t know, I’m just going to say it might be better, he might be even better at what he does because of the questions that I ask sometimes.


JOHN:                         No comment.


DONNA:                     We’ll see you next week.

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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